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Author Topic: Mitel 5000 - Call forwarding and Voicemail  (Read 6420 times)

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Mitel 5000 - Call forwarding and Voicemail
« on: August 01, 2012, 10:33:45 PM »
Hii. .. well, this is my first post on mitel forum.  Please help me figure out the couple of issues I am facing. 

Scenario :

I have an extension eg: 1306 configured on Inter-tel softphone 8602.

Forwarding path is set to hunt group( ext. 2304) unlike all other extensions whose forwarding path is set to voice mail (ext. 2500).

For some reason if somebody tries to forward a call to me, if I don't pick
up within a ring or two it will forward it to the other users / schedulers and
shows it as being forwarded by me.
Is there's a way to fix this, since it is causing people to think that I am calling them when I am not.

After getting help through google, I found something
If you wish to forward unanswered internal calls to the defined Forwarding Point, set
parameter Fwd Call Type – IC Calls to “Yes”

It was set to "No" , I changed it to "Yes".

Currently I am not able to test and someone else will be using that extension for a week or so.
What specific actions needs to be taken here? Am I correct in changing Fwd call type?

Other issue is ::::::

There is no mailbox created for my extension (1306).
When I tried to create a mailbox, by right clicking >> selecting "Create associated mailbox"
I cannot see my extension (1306) in the list so that I can associate it. 
So can't create it.

When I tried to create a mailbox, by right clicking >> selecting "Create un-associated mailbox"
I cannot see my extension (1306x) so that I can select it.  (x denotes to be free/unused extension)

so my question is >> Can we create a mailbox for already existing extension?

Please help me with this.  Thanks in advance !!

btw,  these extensions are not created by me. I was told to administer the Mitel DB recently. so. ..I cam still a newbie.

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Re: Mitel 5000 - Call forwarding and Voicemail
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2012, 08:21:12 AM »
OK, couple of questions here, I will try to tackle a few at a time...

The mailbox... yes, of course you can create a mailbox for an extension that already exists, but not if there is some kind of entry in the VM already for that extension, if there is no mailbox then check Extension ID's and see if it is listed there. If it is, delete it and then add it as a mailbox.

The System Forwarding to the Hunt Group as you described will look like that, the option you changed has nothing to do with how the call is displayed and generally you do not want IC calls to forward (it messes with DND messages), so two ways around it... the easy way is to get rid of it by removing that forward path, add a mailbox, and add the VM forward path. The other way is to make a Call Routing Announcement with a name on it that has no greeting/options except a timeout to go the the hunt group, then change the forward path assigned on your set to go to that CRA and not the hunt group directly, then the hunt group users will clearly see in their display the call came from the <CRA Name>.


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