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Author Topic: configuring ARS to make long distance charges free of charge using remote nodes  (Read 2016 times)

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Along time ago when i first started with my company we had an Intertel in Houston and one in Austin connected via a frame circuit for 4 digit dialing.  In the Houston system the dial plan was set up so that when we dialed Austin the calls would go through the frame circuit and we wouldn't have to pay long distance.

Well, we have long since closed the Austin office and both of those intertels are gone.  But we do have about 10 other offices connected via mpls for 4 digit dialing.   How would i make it so that a call placed to any of my nodes is not long distance as long as the area code matches the area the remote node is in? 

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I've never actually done this before but you need to create Off Node trunk groups on each node that contain the physical trunk groups of the other nodes.

Set the outgoing extn for phones as ARS.

Create facility and route groups that for instance in the UK if anyone dialled on any system a number beginning 0191 it would route to the local system for that area code.

Sorry I can't be more detailed as like I said I haven't done it before but the theory is pretty sound.


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