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Author Topic: Mitel 5324 sip firmware - "Main not found" error  (Read 150 times)

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Mitel 5324 sip firmware - "Main not found" error
« on: November 26, 2017, 04:46:39 AM »
Hi all,
I incredibly new to setting up Mitel phones and this forum. I have perused through this forum and various other websites to help me with the setup. I have currently a Mitel 5324 phone that was bought from a 3rd party supplier. So there is no support for this device. I am currently integrating this phone with the Asterisk server that I have installed onto Virtual Box. The problem that I have is that the firmware on the Mitel phone is outdated (Boot where if I enter the phone's IP in my browser, I can only enter the TFTP address (Asterisk IP) and reboot the phone. If I am let to believe correctly, the latest sip firmware is Boot, before Mitel switched to the Mitel Online system. After looking at this forum, I discovered this post which let me get my hands on the sip firmware. I also understand that the firmware has to be upgraded gradually, so I have only tried to upgrade from Boot to Boot Since Asterisk also has TFTP capabilities, I simply directed the phone to the TFTP directory in asterisk. However, after I soft reset the phone, the SIP error "MAIN not found" appeared. I looked this error up and according to the manual :
Troubleshooting Tip: If your phone displays "SIP MAIN NOT FOUND", it is likely that your system has experienced a power failure. The SIP Phone Boot firmware "borrows" Flash sectors from the SIP Main area during firmware installation. At the end of a normal installation, the sectors are restored without affecting SIP Main. However, if power is removed during Boot installation, then SIP Main is erased and will have to be reinstalled on the phone.
So, is the SIP boot file missing?  Am I missing something crucial for the upgrading process? Does anyone have a SIP Main boot file for Mitel 5324 phones? I have tried to use various other free open source TFTP servers but the result is always the same.

Any help is appreciated!  :)



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