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Author Topic: Question on Vlan/dhcp option 132 for mitel phones -68XX  (Read 208 times)

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Question on Vlan/dhcp option 132 for mitel phones -68XX
« on: November 10, 2017, 03:37:44 PM »
Hi all,

We have a situation where we cannot use LLDP on a switch to put the Mitel phones on voice vlan automatically. The network team is requesting us to send the voice vlan info in the phone's config file.

I did some reading in the mitel phones admin manual and found the following info:

1) It seems we can set the parameter "dhcp option 132 vlan id enabled=1" in the phone’s config file and then set dhcp option 132 as the voice vlan id in the dhcp server.

This would enable the phone to transport the VLAN ID parameter in the DHCP protocol. When the phone receives the VLAN ID from the DHCP and the value is different from the one used by the phone to trigger the DHCP request, the phone reboots and then sends a new DHCP request in the new VLAN. The phone will remember the VLAN ID obtained by DHCP options so that on a reboot, the phone will send a DHCP request using the correct VLAN.

2) can we set the Vlan id directly in the phone’s config file? what parameters are used for this purpose? For instance, voice vlan is 20 in our case. So, can we set something like the following parameters in the phone’s config file:

tagging enabled: 1
 VLAN id: 20



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