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Author Topic: SIP Dect solution on Mivoice Office  (Read 241 times)

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SIP Dect solution on Mivoice Office
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:15:43 AM »
Hi, we have a new system installed with 8 SIP Dect base stations and 26 sip handsets, 5 digital handsets and alog lines. Calls come into the site and ring most of the dect handsets all at once. People are scattered over the building, which is a Garden Centre. This works fine, calls from handset to handset work fine. If I call a digital handset from dect and go for a walk, I can hear their end perfectly. But sometimes the digital end says I'm either crackling or sound like a dalek. Even though I can hear them perfectly. Codec is G711 on the Dect Master. I dont see this as the issue as the dect works fine between handsets and I can hear perfectly, but more to do with the pbx. Is there any known issues with this sip solution on a Mivoice Office with digital handsets? How long before the dect handset hands over to the closer base and can that be adjusted as takes too long? The bases are the Aastra SIP OMM ones. RFP 35's, 36 and 37's.


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