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Thanks for the reply. We aren't using ACD, just a simple hunt group with an extension list so all the phones in the list will ring at the same time.

Thanks, Jim

If it is a UCD  verify that the Hunt Group Remove/Replace setting for the phone.

If it is an ACD Member make sure that it is logged in.

If it is an ACD Agent, which is not the case from what I read, then make sure the Agent is logged in.


I have a Mitel 5000, 6.0 release with a ring group for incoming calls with a mixture of IP and digital phones. The ring group has about twelve members and there is a particular digital extension that refuses to ring when it is added to an IP/Digital Extension List for the ring group. I have deleted it and added it back. I have created a different extension list for the ring group, to no avail. The phone rings fine when you call it and does fine when you transfer calls to it, it just refuses to cooperate in the ring group...

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Jim
SIP On Mitel / Re: Configure UC360 for SIP
« Last post by Tech Electronics on Today at 09:29:14 AM »

Are you sure that you are plugging it in to the correct port under the UC 360? Is the switch or power brick providing enough power to support the UC 360; it is a class 3 device.

Is your network setup to use VLAN IDs for the voice network? The UC 360 does not recognize VLAN IDs without turning that feature on. You can also statically assign the VLAN ID as well.



If I had to make a guess I would say that you went from an AT&T CO Line with DSL to a Cable line converted to analog via a modem through Comcast. As long as the lines were connected to the same location it should have worked fine, but from my experience with Charter, similar to your Comcast, the level of knowledge and experience of their technicians can be somewhat lacking on how to connect them up properly; not that it is difficult.

Anyway, it is usually best to always have your vendor available to work with a new service provider to alleviate the issues you already went through.


SIP On Mitel / Re: Configure UC360 for SIP
« Last post by cschwartz on Today at 09:09:31 AM »
Only had it connected to micloud for a couple of months then unused for several months.  When I switched to asterisk and plugged it in red icon. I was hoping that it was user error rather than faulty device.  Is there any place to send it for repair other than mitel?
Mitel MiVoice Business/MCD/3300 / Powershell user creation
« Last post by mhumphries on Today at 08:59:55 AM »
is there any way to create a new user with Powershell. ( curl, etc )  we usually build a base user account in VMCD, then run IDS in MiCollab to sync up with Active Directory.  this links the MiCollab and VMCD base user into one account.  then we make any changes to Group assignments, ACDs, routes, etc.
if we can use powershell to automate this it would be great.
SIP On Mitel / Re: Configure UC360 for SIP
« Last post by ZuluAlpha on Today at 08:51:28 AM »
Sounds to this layman like a faulty device. We know your cable works, but is the path from the jack to the switch tested too?

Usually that red box goes yellow when there's network, but the settings don't jive.
SIP On Mitel / Re: External Transfer on 3300 with SIP
« Last post by Dogbreath on Today at 08:50:11 AM »
"SBC of some sort" is not limited to MBG of course. Pretty much anything Asterisk or Freeswitch-based can do this. You then gain CDR logs, real time SIP debugging, ability to block nuisance numbers and sundry other things that you wish existed in MCD but don't.
One time our customer that had ICP 8.0 upgraded their 5550 console software (probably due to the same reasons) to some new version (suitable MCD 5.0 o 6.0) and to my surprise it was working fine. So I think you can upgrade Windows and then install some newer console software.
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