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Mitel Software Applications / Re: Micollab server disable chat history
« Last post by ITMgr5 on Today at 01:33:19 PM »
So, used the instructions above and they seem to still be valid on micollab server for deleting chat history from the server. However it does not affect the client - users still have the option to save chat history indefinitely.

I might be able to write a script file that clears the chat folder on login, but this might be unreliable especially for remote users.

Any info on how the client chat history can be disabled?

Mitel Software Applications / Re: Teleworker fails on IPv6
« Last post by dilkie on Today at 01:21:10 PM »
BTW, getting an ipv6 address from Hurricane Electric and setting up a tunnel is free.
sorry for the late update. The issue has been resolved. User decided to reconfigure his office and in the process nicked the ethernet cable causing a bad connection. sorry for the poor detective work before putting in the ticket.
Hi Ralph,

Sorry I've probably got my wires crossed in the terminology so I'll explain the full picture, hopefully you might just be able to guide me in the right direction. My background is with various contact centre solutions so I'll be getting my wording wrong, apologies.

We have a cluster of 3300 MXe's & 3300 VM's running MCD 7.2 SP1 & MiContactCentre Within our Contact centre, we have agent workflows configured that provides the agent with a 'whisper announcement' this being a voice identifier within the agents headset of queue name of the call they are being presented with identified from the DNIS. The way this SHOULD work is the agents 5330 will ring (with Auto Answer & headset enabled), this will ring in the headset once, answer, then play the whisper announcement to the agent of the line the caller has come in on while the caller hears music, then connect the call to the agent & presto, but this stopped working, and instead of playing the announcement to the agent, it just puts the call straight through with just half a ring in the headset as a indication as a call is coming, this is something our agents have raised isn't good enough & they need to know the route the caller as taken, etc.

We have the issue raised directly with our suppliers, but as I'm more experienced with the MCD 3300's than MiContactCentre, I was interested if there was a work around to increase the number of rings on auto answer, or another solution maybe with ring groups or ACD paths within the 3300 that I can give an agent more notice of an incoming call to their headsets than half a ring.

Hope I've made sense? :) Thank you for reading


MiVoice Office 250/Mitel 5000 / Re: Mitel 5000 Call Accounting Help
« Last post by acejavelin on Today at 11:05:37 AM »
I am a little different on this one... There are lots of third party CCA options out there

CommView Plus or CommView Cloud
RSI Shadow CMS
WinSense 32

Are just a few off the top of my head. The MiVO 250 is unique in that it requires a special handshake to occur to start the SMDR stream, so there are not as many options as for other systems.
I was re-reading the thread.
I guess I don't understand what "Whispers" is.
Can you describe exactly what's going on?

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for the reply,

So to confirm, -> Multiline Set Keys -> Directory number of ACD agent & set ring type to 'Delay Ring'.

With auto answer not enabled, it did display the call for 5 seconds on my 5330 before ringing (this is the time set in the ACD agents COS) and the call rang and answered as normal.

With auto answer enabled, sadly it just behaved as normal, rang the phone for half a ring & then connected through to the end user. It didn't present the call to the 5330 silently and delay, so it's almost like it bypasses the 'Ring Type' when Auto answer is enabled.

Bit of a hard one :-\, we're a medium sized site with 1000 extensions, so as you can imagine we get some interesting requests :)


MiVoice Office 250/Mitel 5000 / Cloudlink Officelink
« Last post by NTEDave on Today at 08:55:30 AM »
Spotted this on the Mitel Web Site earlier:

Get ready - CloudLink is coming!

You may have heard a bit about CloudLink, our new cloud delivery platform that we are bringing on line this year. The CloudLink platform is the method through which we will be bringing to market a variety of new cloud applications.

We are getting ready to launch our very first CloudLink application, Mitel OfficeLink, later this quarter. In the first release, Mitel OfficeLink will be available for MiVO-250's in North America. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.

When you sell Mitel OfficeLink to a customer and you onboard them, you'll be using your Mitel Connect credentials as part of that onboard process. We'll be sharing lots more information in an upcoming product bulletin, webinars, and on-line documentation.

Stay tuned for more to come!

Does anyone know what it's all about?
Mitel MiVoice Business/MCD/3300 / Re: Set DDI to Give Busy Tone
« Last post by sarond on Today at 08:39:55 AM »
Here's another thought:

Here's something to test:
Create a phantom phone - not a phantom button, you have to burn a license for this.

Could you use a trusted extension for this? That way it won't burn up a license.
MiVoice Office 250/Mitel 5000 / Re: Mitel 5000 Call Accounting Help
« Last post by NTEDave on Today at 08:24:22 AM »
TE has answered the question for you here, you would need the 250 and Mitel MiVoice Office Application Suite.

You would need the requisite Call Reporting Licenses for the Server (Just Call logging won't do)

Tell the on site IT company you would need a server please to install the Telephone System software on to.

There's a calls by account code report you can run, filter it by the account code and the date time period you want and you are good to go.
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