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Mitel MiVoice Business/MCD/3300 / Change deskset phone extension number
« on: December 01, 2017, 11:16:16 AM »
Just wanted to let you know I did a search on the forum and didn't find quite the info I need. I'm a newby to the Mitel systems so I'm not exactly clear on where to navigate to accomplish this task.

Ok, here is the scenario. We have a user who has changed room's but the phone in her room has a different extension then what is listed as her name in the directory.  If I could find her original handset this would probably be as easy as moving her old handset to the other room, but alas it doesn't appear to be this simple.

When I log into the Mitel System, go to System Administration and do a search for her extension number, 5837, I get a message returned that says "no records found". If I call the extension it immediately goes to voicemail.

If I search for the number for the handset that is currently in her room, 5772, that record does show up, but it is associated to a different name.

Was hoping I could paste some screenshots here, but it appears I'm not able to.

If I click on User and Services Configuration-> Service Profile for the phone extension that is physically located in the room, 5772,  it appears as though I see box to change the number but if I try to change it to extension 5837, I get a message that states "Number is in use" and it has an exclamation mark next to the box, so I clicked on Cancel.

Ok, so going on, if I click on Telephone Directory Management->Telephone Directory, it appears I can change the fields on extension 5772 and change it to her name and extension number.

If I navigate to Advanced Configuration->User and Device Attributes it appears I can change it here as well.

I guess I'm not certain which location I should actually change this at, or if I am even in the correct location to change this? If I do change the extension and name association here, will the voicemail still follow or will I need to set that back up as well?

Introduction and Announcements / New Here
« on: December 01, 2017, 10:42:41 AM »
Hi All:
New to the forum. We've been using Mitel systems for a while now and we've been going through our local resale partner for a lot of the configuration but I am hoping to cut down expenses for this and hope to get into some of the configuration changes and programming myself. I'm sure I'll have a lot of basic questions at the start.
Have a good day, all!

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