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Mitel MiVoice Business/MCD/3300 / External call forward
« on: May 17, 2017, 02:10:42 PM »

I am looking a solution to forward calls to external number CALL CENTER during OFF HOURS; I was looking through different topics on forum to match my scenario. I already create a System Speed Call to point outside the system.
The call comes on PRI (cx2 controller) then is transfer to NuPoint CALL FLOW where a schedule is in place. For the security reason, NuPoint do not permit external calls.
ON HOURS it is OK, the call is blind transferred back to PBX RING GROUP (member present and overflow to speed call system outside number).
OFF HOURS, is programmed as blind transfer to the system speed call, but the call remains queued forever. The only way to make it transferred is to make ‘it ring elsewhere then call forwarded first alternative to system speed call.

Any tips appreciated.



I have an issue with MiCollab Mobile Client or MiCollab desktop Client that will not playing messages on Teleworker environment (WAN side).
I have no problem in LAN environment, and no any other problems.
MiCollab 6.0 and its applications on the LAN, and MBG 8.1 is clustered (DMZ) with Proxy services. Nupoint is VM server and MCD CX our ICP.

Any help will be appreciating, as we’ve checked the firewall ports without any success.


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