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 How To Create A Mitel Screen Saver

This article attempts to demonstrate how to create a Screen Saver for the Mitel 5000 53XX Phones

by member Curtis-at-Travis




Note:  First of all you will need to have a copy of the Mitel HTML Tool Kit.   You will need MOL access or have your dealer obtain it for you.



Okay, I figured it out!

Basically, I made copies of the sample screen saver folders, and then made copies of the example folders within that folder.

Step one, edit some pictures so that the sizes fit the constraints of the display.

For the monochrome display, that's 3 inches by 4 inches, 180x290 pixesl, black and white .png, interlaced.

For color, it's 8x10, 800X480 color png

Put the pictures you want to use in the directory.

Turn off the read only attributes for the manifest.xml and the screensaver.html (or the application.htm in the 5320-30-40 directory)

Edit the manifest.xml file using notepad.
 Find the <name>screensaversample</name> line and change it to the name that you want this application to be named. This is important, it gives the application a unique identifier name for the phone system.
Using an HTML editor, open up the .html file
Find the picture file names in the script, and replace them with the picture files you want to use.
In the case of the 5330/5340 application, make sure to edit the top position to 0px, otherwise, your picture will position itself halfway down the page. In the case of the 5360 application, you won't have to change anything.  You could probably add more than just three pictures in this application.  In my test I only used three.

Okay, so, now, open up the Application Packager in the Toolkit, and browse to the folder you have put your edited files in.

Your file to be encrypted will be the .htm or .html file name
Your files to be stored should only be the files you created and listed in the html script
Your files to be ignored will be any other files in the directory not desired.
Note that in the upper right, your application name will be the name that you entered in the .xml file when you edited it.
Your package file name should be typed in as the same name as the application name, to avoid confusion.

Click on the Generate button.

You will now have a .spx file with the name you gave it in the Package Filename entry.

At this point, load it into the 5000 using the web portal, and the upload screen.
For the 3300, I suppose you would use the HTML uploader.

In the 5000, you must do two things:

In Applications, you will Right Click and Manage Application Files
You will get a dialogue window.
In the window is the list of .spx files.  Choose the Application you just uploaded, and add it.
Then, go to Application Profiles.  Create a new profile. Add the application created in the previous step to this profile under Applications
Then, while still in Application Profiles, add the stations that you want to have the screen saver.
Make sure the phone is programmed to use screen savers and images.
And, that's it!




Make copies of the directory first (so that you can start “fresh” when you need to.)



Your Directory Should look like this.  Notice the files names of the picture files.





Edit the name of Application in the Manifest.xml file. SAVE the changes (make sure the read only flag for this file is off!)






Edit the var images line in the html script to match the new picture files.




Alternately, for the monochrome screen saver, the line to change is img src=

Notice the position command; top: needs to be 0px in order for the picture to center correctly, especially if you are trying to fill the entire phone screen from top left.


SAVE YOUR CHANGES! Make sure the read-only attribute for this file is turned off!


Now, run the HTML Packager, and browse to the directory. Your screen should look like this.



Notice that the Application Name in the upper right is the name I called it in .xml file

The package filename on the upper left has been entered to match the application name.

Files to encrypted contains the .html file

Files to be stored are the picture files

Files to be ignored are anything else in this directory that don’t need to be part of the screensaver.

Click on the big blue Generate button.

Your .spx file will be generated, and the message window will show this.





Upload the file using the Package Uploader (which this document does not address), or using the 5000 web interface.


The screen is pretty self explanatory. Once uploaded, your file will appear on this list.




In the 5000 Database Programming Tool, go to the Applications Programming

Choose "Manage Application Files"




Find the file you uploaded, and add it to the Applications by pressing the Add button.







Add your new application to this profile




Add the phones to this profile that you want to display


Make sure the phone is set to use the Screen Saver Image, and that's it!  It should work!








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